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What is Turf Toe?

While all of our feet experience wear and tear throughout our lifetime, athletes are especially at risk of developing particular foot-related injuries. Our podiatrist in Joliet has seen firsthand the effects that sports can have on the foot and ankle health of athletes at every level, so we wanted to shed light on turf toe, a common ailment that is the result of athletes running around on turf.

Turf toe refers to spraining the big toe joint from an injury that took place during a sporting event. This injury is typically the result of excessively bending the big toe joint upward, something that is common for athletes who participate in games or practices on a turf field. This is most common for participants in football, soccer, basketball, wrestling, dance and gymnastics.


It is important to be aware of the signs of turf toe to ensure that you are getting the proper care that you need. Symptoms include pain, swelling, or joint movement that is limited. While symptoms might seem mild at first, they will likely worsen with time. Symptoms will likely worsen over the first 24 hours after the initial irritation or injury occurred.

Diagnosing & Treating Turf Toe

If you believe you may be suffering from turf toe, schedule an appointment with our podiatrist in Joliet. We will x-ray your foot and ensure that there are no broken bones. We can also determine what is necessary for you to heal, including RICE (rest, ice, compression and elevation). Another option is switching to footwear that is less flexible.

If you believe that you are suffering, contact our team today!

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