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Trauma to the soft tissue or any of the bones of the foot or ankle may cause pain and inflammation, which may lead to limping, difficulty walking, or a complete inability to put weight on the foot. Sprains, strains, fractures, and dislocations are among the most common traumatic foot and ankle injuries. In fact, there are almost 25,000 ankle sprains per day in the U.S., with ankle injuries accounting for more than one million emergency room visits annually.

In addition to ankle injuries, there are several common fractures and dislocation injuries that require immediate medical attention. We have listed a few of the most common reasons you may need to see an experienced foot doctor near Joliet.

The bone at the base of the small toe, on the outside of the midfoot, is the fifth metatarsal. The proximal (closer to the center of the body) end of the fifth metatarsal can be felt as the bump over the outside part of the midfoot. This is the part of the fifth metatarsal bone most prone to injury. If you do sustain an injury involving the fifth metatarsal, it’s important to have it thoroughly evaluated immediately by a professional foot doctor near Joliet. Any delay in treatment may worsen the injury, requiring a longer period of immobilization or surgical intervention.

Motor sports and workplace accidents often result in midfoot injuries. When the trauma is specific to the tarsal-metatarsal joint, the injury is called Lisfranc dislocation or Lisfranc fracture – named after a French surgeon who recognized this injury while treating soldiers. These unique dislocations and fractures bear his name to this date.

Defined by classic fracture patterns, Lisfranc injuries can be devastating injuries causing lifelong disability. Many patients who sustain these injuries are unable to return to their prior activity level. The success of surgery and timing of treatment directly correlates to long term results.

The metatarsal bones are the long bones in your foot that connect your toes to your ankle. Metatarsal stress fractures are caused by overly stressing the foot when using the same motion repeatedly. These injuries most often occur in women and are commonly seen in people who participate in activities that put a great deal of pressure on their feet, like dancers, runners, and athletes. People who increase their activity level suddenly are also susceptible to this type of injury.

Often referred to as a Lisfranc injury because of the area of the foot, diagnosis by a skilled foot doctor near Joliet is extremely important following the injury. Without early diagnosis and prompt treatment, the patient may suffer long term chronic pain and other complications.

The peroneal muscles are located on the outside of the lower leg. The long tendons of these muscles attach to the foot. If the tendons slip forward over the lateral malleolus, it is called peroneal tendon dislocation and can cause friction resulting in inflammation of the tendon. It is common in athletes who have unstable ankles or have suffered repeated ankle sprains. Deep tissue massage is an excellent method to identify and release the tendon.

This is a painful injury that typically occurs in athletes who play field sports like baseball, football, or soccer. It’s an injury to the joint at the base of the big toe, caused by an athlete forcefully jamming his toe into the ground or bending it backward, beyond its normal range. Immediate treatment is recommended to control swelling and inflammation of the affected joint.

Seek Treatment Promptly

If you suffer a traumatic injury of any type to your foot or ankle, we recommend seeking immediate treatment from the skilled professionals at Suburban Foot and Ankle. This will ensure you have the best possible results and remain mobile and pain-free going forward.

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