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Tips to Avoid Sprained Ankles

One of the most frustrating injuries is a sprained ankle in Joliet. As soon as you think you are on the road to recovery, you tweak your ankle once again and restart the healing process altogether. With proper dedication and knowledge, your chances of developing recurrent ankle sprains are minimized. Keep these tips in mind this spring and summer!

Strengthen Other Muscles

Incorporate strength-training moves into your workout routine that targets your legs, feet, hips and core. All of these areas have a big impact on how your foot hits the ground. The stronger those areas are, the better the alignment and support you have while you are running or walking.

Work on Your Balance

Balance is key in preventing ankle sprains. If your balance is off, your body will feel the effects, oftentimes resulting in ankle sprains if you cannot adjust quickly enough. Working on balance is a simple way to stay one step ahead of injuries.

Choose Footwear Accordingly

The activity in which you are participating should be the determining factor when it comes to what shoes you wear. For example, if you are on a basketball team, make sure to purchase shoes that support the ankle. Hiking shoes should have adequate arch and ankle support. Using your best judgment when it comes to shoe choices can help prevent sprained ankles in Joliet.

If you are suffering from recurrent ankle sprains, make sure to schedule an appointment with our team to see how we can help them from occurring in the future.

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