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It is not until you are experiencing a foot-related issue that you realize how important it is to be completely healthy and mobile. We rely on our feet and ankles on a daily basis to get around and to carry the weight of our bodies, so when something goes wrong, it can have a major impact on our routine. Thankfully, our foot surgeon in Jolietis here to help you through all of your problems and ensure you are back on your feet in every sense of the phrase. Here are some examples of our services.

Our practice offers the following services:

Comprehensive Care of Foot and Ankle Disorders

One human foot contains 26 bones, 33 joints, and over a hundred muscles, tendons and ligaments. Unfortunately, these statistics mean that the likelihood is high that you’ll develop some sort of foot or ankle pain throughout your life. Our team at Suburban Foot and Ankle has the experience and knowledge to help you work through your foot-related problems and will suggest methods to help you recover as fast as possible. We do our best to make sure you are healing in a healthy, efficient manner.

Non-Surgical Treatment of Athletic Injuries

Not all foot or ankle-related injuries require surgery in order to heal. Whether you’re an athlete who has experienced recent ankle pain or you simply went on a run and twisted your ankle, know that surgery is a last resort. Examples of solutions that we may recommend include physical therapy, certain medications, rest, ice, and stretching.

Biochemical Analysis and Functional Orthotic Fabrication

Orthotics are shoe inserts that are custom-made for you and can help with a multitude of foot-related injuries and problems. Our team will examine the natural contours of your foot and determine whether you can benefit from custom orthotics. For example, those with diabetes, plantar fasciitis, bursitis and arthritis may benefit from custom orthotics.

Diabetic Shoes and Insoles

Those with diabetes may be at an increased risk of foot-related problems. Because poorly controlled blood sugar may result in nerve damage in the feet, it’s important that diabetes sufferers schedule an appointment with our foot surgeon in Joliet. Insoles can help ensure the feet are properly supported and that the foot is protected.

Medical and surgical treatment of:

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