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Remedying the Top 3 Pediatric Foot Conditions

Parents are naturally worried about the health and wellbeing of their children; encouraging them to eat their vegetables, ensuring they brush their teeth twice a day, and to wash behind their ears in the shower. However, your child’s foot health may not be top of mind. Our podiatrist in Joliet often sees the following kid-related issues, and we want to provide more information on how to help your child grow up to be strong and healthy. 

Flat Feet

Did you know that it’s common for kids to have flat feet? This is because the muscles and tissues in their feet are not yet fully developed. Kids typically outgrow this problem by the time they turn 6 years old, but if you notice that it is progressing beyond this point, schedule an appointment with our podiatrist in Joliet.

Developmental Conditions

Another common pediatric foot condition includes developmental conditions such as in-toeing. This occurs when the feet point inwards while walking. Out-toeing is when the feet point outwards while walking, and when the child walks on the balls of their feet, this is called toe walking. These seemingly small issues can grow into a bigger issue in adolescence and adulthood. In this case, our team would likely recommend custom orthotics. 

Sports-Related Injuries

Kids are extremely active, so it’s expected that they may get injured a time or two during their time playing. It’s especially important that your child takes the rest time that they need so that their growth plates can continue to develop normally.

The bottom line: when in doubt, visit our podiatrist in Joliet to help your child remedy any issues that you see. We look forward to ensuring your entire family is pain-free!

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