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How to Prevent Foot Cramps

Foot cramps can keep you up at night and keep you down during the day. They can encompass your entire foot, or just cause your toes to curl in pain. There are several reasons people experience foot cramps, but fortunately, most of them are preventable.

Stay Hydrated

It’s easy to become dehydrated and not even realize it. Foot cramps are just one symptom of chronic dehydration. Dark urine, dry mouth, fatigue, headache, and dizziness are also indicators of dehydration. Drinking six to eight glasses per day is a good rule of thumb – more if you eat a lot of salty food, are very active, are pregnant or nursing, or live in a hot climate.

Exercise Properly

Setting reasonable exercise goals is important. Even if you’re not very athletic, make sure to get some exercise every day. Exercising the muscles in your feet will help prevent cramping and will help improve circulation – which also helps to eliminate foot cramps. Walking is a great exercise, but no matter what exercise you choose, make sure it involves your legs and feet. If you have a difficult time supporting your weight while you stand, give swimming a try.

Stretch Regularly

Cramps are just involuntary muscle spasms, and stretching the muscles helps to prevent them. Develop and practice a simple stretching routine you can incorporate into your exercise regimen. Yoga, calf raises, ankle circles, and toe lifts are all good ways to stretch your muscles properly to avoid foot cramps.

Choose the Right Shoes

Select shoes that provide plenty of support. When your feet are supported well, the muscles don’t become overworked. Shoes that support your feet and ankles keep them in proper alignment, helping you to avoid fatigue and cramping. It’s also important to make sure your shoes fit well, and never wear high-heels or other impractical shoes for longer than you need to.

Visit Our Podiatrist Near Plainfield for Custom Insoles

You might consider having our podiatrist in Plainfield create a pair of custom insoles to support your feet properly inside your favorite shoes. Contact us for more information and with any questions you might have.

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