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Flat Feet

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In a typical foot structure, there is a gap beneath the inner part of the foot while the individual is standing and the ground. However, some people have flat feet, also known as fallen arches, that occurs when the arch is either very low or nonexistent. Arches are important in distributing body weight evenly and the arches determine how a person walks. They are also important in order to adapt to stress and a variety of surfaces. Those with flat feet may also notice that their feet roll to the inner side when they are standing, causing the feet to point outward.

Our podiatrists in Joliet are well-versed in flat feet and providing patients with necessary treatment options.


Pain in the feet may occur because of flat feet because of the strained muscles that connect the ligaments. Pain may occur in other areas of the body, including the calf, knee, hip, lower back, lower legs, or arch of the feet. Flat feet can also result in an uneven distribution of body weight, causing shoes to wear down more quickly on one side. This can lead to further injuries.


There are many different causes of flat feet, including genetics, weak arches, injuries, arthritis, damage or dysfunction of the posterior tibial tendon, or nervous system diseases such as cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy or spina bifida. Those with obesity or diabetes are more likely to develop flat feet. It is also common to develop flat feet during pregnancy.

Treatment Options

Not all those who have flat feet suffer from notable symptoms. However, those who are experiencing pain should try wearing extra-wide shoes to help provide relief. Our podiatrist in Joliet may also recommend custom orthotics or custom-designed arch support to relieve pressure that is accumulating on the arch. If there is a lot of inflammation as a result of flat arches, wearing an ankle brace can help reduce pain.

In some cases, surgery is ideal to help provide pain relief by creating an arch that did not exist before.

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It is important to visit our podiatrist in Joliet if you start to develop foot pain, as you don’t want to do irreversible damage. Our team can help provide you with different treatment options to ensure you are living your happiest and healthiest life. Schedule an appointment with us today!

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