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Do Runners Need Specific Foot Care Instructions?

Are you a long-distance runner, training for a marathon, or someone who includes running in their exercise routine? If so, it’s no secret to you that running can really destroy your feet, causing pain in your toes, as well as heel pain in Plainfield. While it is easy to put your foot care on the back burner, it is especially important for runners to pay attention, as your feet are used in every single step of your route.

Here are 5 things to keep in mind while hitting the trails this summer:


Invest in properly fitting shoes and socks.


Experts recommend leaving at least half an inch of room between your toes and the front of your shoe when standing. Be sure to give your shoes a test run before purchasing!


Run during cooler times of the day.


Running during hot times of the day causes the feet to swell, leading to unwanted blisters and pain. Find some time in your schedule to go for a run during the early morning or late evening.


Wear moisture-wicking socks.


Avoid cotton socks at all costs! Moisture-wicking socks work to absorb your sweat and are more likely to prevent conditions such as athlete’s foot.


Moisturize your feet regularly and frequently.


As you may know, there’s almost nothing worse for a runner than cracked heels. Avoid heel pain in Plainfield by moisturizing your feet daily.


Keep your toenails trimmed and smooth.


In order to prevent your toenails from scraping against each other, be sure to trim your toenails regularly. Running with scraped toes can be extremely painful!

Keep an eye on your feet, take note of any changes, and consult Suburban Foot & Ankle with any concerns.

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