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Caring For Your Feet During the Winter

Wintertime doesn’t exactly make us think of flip flops, pedicures, and toenail polish. However, just because we stop wearing sandals and going to the beach does not mean we should neglect our feet. Winter is actually one of the most important times of the year to start actively paying attention to our hardworking feet, especially since they spend so much time bundled up in waterproof boots and thermal socks.

Winter Foot Care Tips

Taking care of your feet in the cold winter months can be simple, provided you know the best ways to care for them. There are several different things you can do for your feet to help keep them soft, supple, and healthy this winter season. Below is a list of suggested foot-care methods.

  • Exfoliate (Using a foot scrub is great – a pumice stone may be necessary for softening very rough skin.)
  • Soak Your Feet
  • Moisturize
  • Keep Your Toenails Trimmed and Filed
  • Apply Cuticle Oil
  • Use Foot Powder (Foot Powder helps counteract sweat production and keeps feet dry, preventing fungal infections.)
  • Go Without Polish (It’s always good to let your toenails breathe and forgo nail polish for extended periods of time.)
  • Soften Your Calluses – Don’t Try to Remove Them (If you pick at or try to remove a callus you could cause an infection. Allow calluses to be softened with gentle exfoliation.)

Paying special attention to your feet all year round can prevent many podiatric problems; doing so in the winter makes getting through the frigid, dry months much easier on your hard working heels and toes. Once you start you will quickly feel the difference.

Visit a Reliable Foot Doctor Near Plainfield, Illinois

If you develop any serious foot condition or are having trouble keeping up with your personal foot care, visit an experienced and knowledgeable foot doctor near Plainfield, Illinois from Suburban Foot and Ankle Associates. Call or message our team for more information or to book your appointment.

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