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Avoiding Aching Arches

Many of our patients visit our foot doctor in Joliet and complain of aching arches, and we feel their pain. If your arch is hurting, even the simplest of tasks such as walking or standing up can feel nearly impossible. These injuries can also be more painful because the arch isn’t made from a single bone, ligament or tendon. Instead, it is composed of many smaller components that all have the potential to become injured. Our first step is to find the source of the pain to help treat it. 

Flat Footedness

Also referred to as fallen arches, flat-footedness occurs when the natural arch through the middle of the foot is compromised. This is usually the result of a loose tendon, but it is also possible to be born with naturally flat feet. Those who have flat feet may have a difficult time standing on their tiptoes and will often experience tired, aching arches after spending time on their feet. If you’re suffering from flat-footedness, we may recommend special inserts to provide more support, stretching, steroids to reduce inflammation or rest. 


Another reason one may suffer from arch pain is overpronation. When your foot strikes the ground, it pronates to help absorb the shock of impact. When one suffers from overpronation, the foot hits the outer edge of the heel but the foot rolls too far inward, which places a stretch on the arch. Because there are many causes of overpronation, it’s best to schedule an appointment with our foot doctor in Joliet. 

Plantar Fasciitis

Finally, plantar fasciitis is the most common type of heel and arch pain. It occurs when a band of tissue called the fascia becomes inflamed. This connects the arch to your toes and the condition can develop over a period of time. It first begins to show itself in mild heel pain in the morning but can increasingly get worse. Ideally, you would seek treatment as soon as you notice consistent pain. 

Our team at Suburban Foot and Ankle is ready to help you overcome your arch pain! Schedule your appointment with us today.

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