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Athletes Foot – Fungus

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Many patients visit our podiatrist in Plainfield seeking treatment for tinea pedis, more commonly known as Athlete’s foot. This is a fungal infection that typically starts between the toes and spreads to other parts of the foot. The infection appears as a raised, scaly rash that is itchy, stinging and burning. The infection is contagious and it can be spread in public places through towels, clothing or floors that are contaminated.

Our experienced podiatrists can help diagnose and treat your athlete’s foot and minimize the chance of the infection occurring again.


Symptoms of athlete’s foot include a red, scaly rash, blisters, or ulcers. It may cause chronic dryness on the soles of the feet that extend onto the sides of the foot, easily mistaken for other conditions such as eczema or dry skin.

One or both feet might be infected with athlete’s foot, and if you scratch the infection with your hands, it may spread there as well. Be mindful of this when you are tempted to itch!

Causes & Risk Factors

Different causes of athlete’s foot stem from warm, moist conditions that help encourage the organisms’ growth such as damp socks, contaminated floors, saunas, swimming pools, communal baths and showers, and locker rooms. Men are typically at a higher risk of developing athlete’s foot as well as those who often wear damp socks or tight shoes.


There are multiple tips that you can keep in mind to keep athlete’s foot at bay. Make sure to keep your hands and feet dry, especially between your toes. If you have just worked out, let your feet dry out afterward as much as possible. Regularly change your socks and wear shoes that are well-ventilated. Never share your shoes with other people, as this could increase your chance of developing an infection.

When you are in public places, make sure to keep your feet protected by wearing shoes at all times.

Diagnosis & Treatment

Visit our podiatrist in Plainfield if you think you have athlete’s foot. We will be able to diagnose you based on collecting a skin sample from the infected area. We will then send that sample to a lab to be tested.

From there, treatment options include antifungal ointment or a prescription-strength medication when necessary. The end goal of the treatment is to control the infection and minimize the risk of a recurrence. If the infection is severe enough and does not respond to other treatment options, it may require that you take antifungal pills.

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