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Ankle Sprains in the Runner

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When the limits that support the ankle stretch beyond their limits and tear, it results in a sprained ankle in Plainfield. Unfortunately, sprained ankles are a common injury that impacts people of all ages. Majority of sprainedankle injuries occur in the lateral ligaments on the outside of the sprained ankle. The tears can range from small tears in the fibers to tears that completely go through the tissue altogether. In the case of a complete tear, the ankle may become unstable and ultimately result in bone and cartilage damage in the ankle joint. It is important to seek treatment for ankle sprains when they occur so injuries do not progress.

What Causes Ankle Sprains?

There are a variety of scenarios that may lead to an ankle sprain, including:

  • Unexpectedly falling down
  • Walking or running on an uneven surface
  • Participating in events that require abrupt cutting actions and changes of direction on the feet, including trail running, basketball, soccer, football and more
  • Someone else stepping on your foot while you are walking or running, which causes your foot to roll or twist


If you are suffering from a sprained ankle, you will know it based on the symptoms you are experiencing. Your ankle will likely be swollen, bruised, and tender to the touch. If ligaments are completely torn or you have dislocated the joint, your ankle might also be unstable to the point of not being able to put pressure on it.

Severe tearing of the ligaments is accompanied by a popping noise when the injury occurs. If this is the case, seek medical attention immediately.

Grades of Ankle Sprains

After seeking medical attention for your sprained ankle in Plainfield, our team of professionals will determine the grade of your ankle sprain to help identify a treatment plan for you.

  • Grade 1: This is considered a mild sprain that resulted in slight stretching and microscopic tearing of ligament fibers. You will notice slight tenderness and mild swelling around the ankle.
  • Grade 2: A moderate sprain that results in partial tearing of the ligament; moderate tenderness and swelling around the ankle. When the ankle is moved in certain ways, there is an abnormal looseness of the ankle joint.
  • Grade 3: A severe sprain resulting in a complete tear of the ligament. There is significant tenderness and swelling, and there is substantial instability when the ankle is pulled or pushed.

Treatment Options

Your treatment will depend on the severity of your sprain. Possible treatment includes resting, icing, restoring range of motion, compression, elevation, medication, crutches, physical therapy, or, in extreme cases, surgery.

If you are suffering from a sprained ankle in Plainfield, contact our team at Suburban Foot and Ankle today.

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