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Foot & Ankle Arthritis Treatment in Joliet, Illinois (IL)

There is only one place in Joliet, IL where you can receive top-quality foot care from trained and knowledgeable podiatrists. Suburban Foot & Ankle Associates are your trusted resource in the area, as they specialize in providing accurate and efficient treatment solutions. Among their areas of expertise are arthritis and joint pain treatment, conditions that affect a variety of individuals of different ages, genders, and backgrounds.

The thing about arthritis and joint pain is that they can attack virtually any part of the body. It is especially painful when it is in your feet and ankles because this makes even the most mundane, everyday task a challenge. Our ankle doctors can get right to work on diagnosing the problem, which might include:

  • Abnormal alignment of the first metatarsal bone
  • An elevated metatarsal bone
  • Development of bone spurs on the top joint
  • Aggravation on the top joint from shoe pressure

Fortunately, our podiatrists are experts in treating suffers of arthritis. They can give you an X-ray and perform a thorough physical examination of your feet or ankles to determine the best course of action. Some clients will require cortisone injections or oral anti-inflammatory medications, but others may need more serious treatment. Our ankle doctors also provide custom orthotics.

There is no reason to suffer from your painful feet or ankles any longer. Why would you choose to ignore the problem when there are attentive and committed doctors right in Joliet, IL? They know that physical discomfort can put a damper on your daily routines, family responsibilities, and day-to-day work. That is why they treat clients as they would their own family and friends, with the utmost dedication and attention.

If you are ready for a life with fewer sores and aches, get in touch with one of our specialists today. You have got nothing to lose, but lots of satisfaction to gain!



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